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Achieving the American Dream – John Rey



"Just arrived in the United States yesterday at JFK International Airport, after a very long, meticulous flight procedure. As I first stepped in the land of bread and butter, the promise land, the final destination for most Filipino Nurses, I got the chills, literally shaking and trembling (east coast breeze), but not only for this reason, it's because of the joy, excitement and self fulfillment that i felt. It is a significant moment worth capturing as I slowly paced towards the exit door, knowing behind those glass barriers is the American soil.

I can't believe at a certain point that I am still dreaming, but evidently I was not. Finally, my childhood dream became a reality. And all of this, made possible by GCS (GlobalCare Services) headed by Ms. Gina Avancena, with her case managers Ms. Mahleen Delfin and Ms. Teresa Del Rosario.

From the very start, they already established transparency up to the end of the immigration process. I never doubted their intention, and found them legitimate, and so I have given them my full trust. As everyone knows, the processing is really tedious and really frustrating sometimes, but i can say that in my case, it was smooth sailing and hassle free. The agents were very efficient, and maintained proper coordination. Every small progress will be conveyed promptly to you. They were as well, very patient and compassionate. Every query will surely get a timely reply. And at last, upon arrival to the United States, they will welcome you like a king. From the airport to the hotel accommodation. Dinner, lunch, breakfast, name it (no exaggeration). They will make sure you are settled before they leave you. And for that, I am forever grateful for GlobalCare Services’ wonderful and magnificent assistance.

Thank you so much and may you help more aspiring Filipino nurses achieve their American Dream."


A childhood dream is now a reality through GlobalCare Services.

Thank you for letting us help you achieve your American Dream, John Rey!


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