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Achieving the American Dream – Karla

“This is it! ” and “It is truly in God’s perfect time ”

These are the words that have been on my mind since the consul told us that our visas got approved.

"My path to the American dream was not easy. I graduated in 2006, took the NCLEX in 2008, but was not able to find any agency nor even start my application to the US due to the retrogression. Many years have passed, I got married and already had a child when I started to apply in a staffing agency in 2017, but I got unlucky and received an RFE for my petition (after waiting for 16 months!).

My husband and I then decided to try a direct hire. We tried to contact Ms. Gina Avancena from GlobalCare Services, Inc. in March 2019. After signing a contract with them, I can say that it was really a smooth process. I have been communicating with Ms. Mahleen Delfin and Ms. Gina Avancena and they were so accommodating to all our queries and guided us throughout the whole process. It took us exactly 2 years for our visas to get approved in March 2021. My family and I am so thankful to GCS and their staffs, because of them, we are able to fulfill our American dream.

Imagine mo yun from taking the NCLEX in 2008, 2021 pa ako nakakuha ng visa?!? Sabi nga ng nanay ko.. “Pag may tiyaga, may nilaga”. Sumagot din naman ako, “Ma, ang tagal naman nalaga! ”.. haha! The road was long pero dadating din tayo sa paroroonan. Basta wag sumuko! Yun talaga yun eh.

(Direct Translation: "Can you imagine form taking the NCLEX in 2008 I only got the visa in 2021?!? My mom had a saying... "Pag may tiyaga, may nilaga" - Filipino saying - I also answered her, "Ma, ang tagal naman nalaga!.. haha! The road was long but we'll still get to our destination. Just don't give up, that's really it.")

Never lose hope! Maraming struggles and challenges ang darating. Minsan ang daming turns at traffic sa road ng life natin, which sometimes we don’t understand. But I learned that you really have to Hold on to your dreams and claim it! And of course don’t forget to always pray to Him! He knows what we want even if we don’t say it. Thank you Lord for all your guidance.

(Direct Translation: "Never lose hope! Plenty of struggles and challenges will come. Sometimes there are plenty of turns and traffic in our life, which sometimes we don't understand...")

Again, thank you Ma’am Gina and Ms. Mahleen of GCS! We are very thankful to be part of GCS, we made the right choice! To all my fellow nurses, don't give up, we can all be here in America!"

“Commit to the Lord, whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.” Proverbs 16:3


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