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Achieving the American Dream – Anateresa

A dreamer that hopes for reality will surely have her magnificent moment when she wakes up knowing that it's no longer a DREAM...but a REALITY!

“America....the subject of every nurse's dream, every little girl's fantasy...the snow, the chocolates and everything is now the place where I am today. I arrived here a week ago after a long waiting time (14 to 17 years in the making under the GLOBALCARE SERVICES). In God's perfect time I was gloriously blessed. I am now in New Jersey. My agency has been very supportive of me...(A milestone for an agency to stand by me for almost 2 decades). That's the essence of trust and dedication in their services.

I would like to thank Miss Gina Avancena, the CEO of the company, for giving me this opportunity to step on American soil with her unending effort in making these things happen as what I always dreamt of. And to Miss Mahleen Delfin who is so kind and patient with everything that made my dream a reality with her effort in doing all the paperwork and follow-ups for the requirements and application procedures. Imagine the years that passed by…the trustful relationship we had was something I am proud to say that I belong to this PERFECT agency.

I was never abandoned; they never gave up and their encouragement gives life to me to FOLLOW my believe in it that someday it will be real.

In GLOBALCARE SERVICES, you will never be left behind...but they will hold you, lift you up when the path isn't so smooth. I stumbled many times...yet their efforts to offer their helping hand was greater than the failures that I had.

My agency never stopped caring for me. They provided me with a very comfortable life here! I may say I live like a PRINCESS with very nice accommodation; worry-free living...NO BILLS to think of, does not necessarily require a fast paced NURSING JOB (no OT required to pay on bills) for an expensive living...but rather a healthy lifestyle both physically and psychologically. Here, I have my own bedroom and bath, have access to all their appliances...well provided with pots and pans, blankets and pillows, entertainment and a FAMILY to call my second fam. I may not have a luxurious car, however my agency arranged a carpool at a reasonable price about half the rate of a car's monthly amortization plus hassle free on gas, car insurances and most especially I have all the comfort to travel from work without any risk. They won't leave you until you can try on how COMFY you will be in your bed!

Once again...never leave your dream on just a fantasy level! Make it happen...and I proudly present GLOBALCARE SERVICES! To those who have not started those who found their application in misery; the abandoned nurses...don't give up! Take me as your example..that in GOD's PERFECT TIME through'll be here!

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