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Foreign Nurse Recruitment as the Solution for Nursing Shortages

The pandemic has exacerbated the existing nursing shortage in the US and this has resulted in a higher demand for nurse recruitment especially in Long Term Care facilities. Officials from several nurse associations in the United States said that due to the increase in demand, hospitals and healthcare facilities are turning to international nurse recruiters to hire nurses. Organizations have gone to recruiting nurses internationally, especially from the Philippines.

However, the immigration process to bring these nurses on US soil can be long and tedious. Legislative solutions can streamline the process. According to the American Hospital Association and the American Organization for Nursing Leadership, "A targeted allocation of recaptured visas to these health care professionals will have a tremendous impact on the ability to care for patients with COVID-19 and it will have a lasting impact on the overall health of our communities."

There has never been a more urgent need for foreign nurses especially during this pandemic. We urge our lawmakers to sign off on legislation that will recapture unused immigrant visas and allocate them to nurses and other healthcare professionals who can help not only in this Covid-19 crisis but for the long-term nursing shortage in the US.

GlobalCare Services Inc. has been assisting healthcare facilities in recruiting Filipino registered nurses. We have the expertise and the track record to smoothly process immigrant applicants from the beginning of the recruitment process up to deployment of your petitioned nurse in your facility.

If you are a healthcare facility who is interested in knowing more of our services, we will gladly walk you through the process of foreign nurse recruitment. Please contact us via email at or mobile 845-300-3418. We can meet virtually or personally.

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