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Achieving the American Dream – Rhodaliza

I want to share with you guys my American journey.


"First of all it was not as smooth as I was expecting. I passed my NCLEX exam last 2008 and because of some personal reasons I was not able to practice and fulfill my ultimate dream. I was so sad and almost gave up that time, and on top of that I was pregnant, maybe because of my hormonal imbalance I suffered a lot due to depression and postpartum psychosis-like symptoms. Because of my God fearing attitude I was able to extirpate all the hurdles that I had that time. I joined the Missionary Choir of Kakamigahara and it really helped me a lot to start all over again, by singing the word of God I became strong and followed the path that our creator led me.

I want to inspire you guys by sharing my story and encouraging you to never stop believing in God and that everything is possible. By continuously praying, attending mass and singing the word of God I fulfilled my ultimate American dream. Age is just a number and never stop in attaining your goal in life, and believe in your capabilities.

I would like to thank all the angels that sent from heaven Miss Georgina “Gina” Avancena and Ma’am Mahleen Delfin of GlobalCare helped my dream come true, they are very supportive and accommodating from day 1 till now. It only took me almost 1 year and 3 months to reach my goal in life from approval of my immigrant visa till my interview and issuance.

God will return the favor to you GlobalCare.


An ultimate dream come true indeed.

Thank you for letting us help you achieve your American Dream, Rhodaliza!

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