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Achieving the American Dream – Karlyne

"Magic happens when you do not give up, no matter how much you want to. The Universe always rewards a stubborn heart in some way."


“I would just like to share my timeline to inspire future USRNs out there. Especially those who are working from the BPO industry and are still doubting if they can still make it..

I’ve been working in a non-medical related BPO company after I graduated nursing last 2010. I Only decided to pursue nursing last 2018. I left my stable high paying job and great benefits to work as a JO Nurse to gain experience and prepare myself to take the NCLEX exam. I tapped on IPASS Processing and signed up with them around April 2019. My ATT was ready by June but only decided to book for the exam in September since I was working and only doing self study. I felt like I needed more time. Took the exam by September 20, 2019 and luckily passed at 76 items. The moment Miss Jean Olivar sent me my Candidate report, I emailed a lot of hiring agencies I found in Lefora but the offer just didn’t fit. Mostly because agencies would really require you to stay in the hospital, plus I was an LR/DR nurse which is also very hard to match. My friend also encouraged me to try and apply from GlobalCare Services Inc. under Miss Gina Avancena and so I did. I spoke to Trixie Del Rosario first and she gave me a run down as to what to expect and directly said I will be assigned in New Jersey (NJ), USA with the expected salary wage and job description even before I signed up. I signed the contract with them on the 1st of October. They only offered premium processing for those who signed up for September. I personally messaged Miss Gina and asked if she can make an exception for me and she did! I will always and forever be grateful to GlobalCare, Miss Gina and our very famous Case Manager Mahleen Delfin who is always on top of our papers. Very efficient!!! Imagine, I only waited for 1 year and 6 months from the time I signed up with them. Also to IPASS Processing Miss Jean, Miss Rachelle Olivar and the rest of their staff for taking care of my NCLEX and Visa screening. And soon maybe my license endorsement.


April 2019: Signed up with IPASS for NCLEX exam

June 2019: ATT Received

September 2019: Took NCLEX Exam

October 2019: Signed up with GlobalCare Services

December 2019: I-140 filed premium processing

PD: December 30, 2019

January 2020: I-140 approved

May 2020: Fee Bill Received

August 2020: IELTS Exam Done

September 2020: Started Visa Screening and kids DFA Appointment

September 2020: PD Current

October 2020: Passport Claimed and Fee Bill Paid

October 2020: Visa Screen Issued

Nov 2020: DS260 completed

Nov 2020: DQ

Dec 2020: Case Ready

Feb 2021: ID Received

Mar 10 & 11 2021: SLEC Medical

March 19, 2021: ID

March 23, 2021: VISA ISSUED

March 29: Delivered.

April 21, 2021: TOUCHDOWN (American Dream)


From working in the BPO Industry to achieving her dreams of becoming a Nurse.

Thank you for letting us help you achieve your American Dream, Karlyne!

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